Mission Statement

We were founded for the purpose of providing high-quality self-defense products for the public. We understand that there are many options available to protect yourself. We believe that we have assembled what we think to be the best list of self-defense products available to the public. Our products are non-lethal products. Our products have been tested through time by law enforcement and by citizens who have had to protect themselves.


In this day and age, it makes perfect sense to carry a self-defense product with you. Unfortunately, violent situations affect people every minute of every day. Why not be prepared so you do not become a victim. If we can save one life or prevent one violent crime, then our business is a success.

We are located in Baton Rouge, LA. We have built this website to present our products in a simple way. If you can not find something on the website or would like a further explanation of something on the website feel free to email us.

Why We Do What We Do

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